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Company Background

“Treasure of Brands” 
is a registered trademark of Hong Kong and Shanghai Wine and 
Spirits Company.

Our History
1988 the first ship was captured in sea, unloaded and sold for gold.

Our Mission
Make more Gold for ourselves and for all our partners of like-minded fellows. Make cargo 
of famous brands disappeared. Secure hundreds tones of branded goods vanish without 
a trace.

Our Vision
Enjoying our lives with rum and beautiful women on a Treasure Island full of gold 
and fortune.

Trust in Gold and Blood, Chance of profit, Swift Action of capture, Open Minds as 
Open Sea, Win-Win scenario, Efficiency of the Best Price, Partnership forever.

Our Concept
Providing unlimited assortment of fast moving consumer goods (Famous Brands Products)
directly from producers by full vessels at the lowest cost possible.

Our capital
We keep all our treasures on a Treasure Island in Gold under care of HSBC 
and BOC. We always have difficulties to calculate how much exactly Gold 
we have, but we know we have many.

Our fleet
our fast and strong ships provided by  Loendersloot 
Internationale Expiditie BV, Ziegler, Rhenus, Kuhne-Nagel, 
NBK Forwarding BV and Southeastern International Services (SIS).